Tamashii Tibet

Bracelets 1 round

Original traditional Tibetan bracelet (Shamballa) made in Tibet with natural semi-precious and precious natural stones, blessed by Buddhist monks.

Each Tamashii® bracelet is characterized by the presence of a Calabash (pumpkin) and the engraved Tamashii® button.

The diameter of the stones that characterize this collection is 8mm or 6mm.

Bracelets 1 round


Hawk's eye stone is an opaque variant of fibrous quartz, varying from blue-grey to blue-green. It is excellent for focus, mental clarity, and deeper insight into one’s own experiences, whether good or bad. It’s a very soothing stone as it aids stress reduction, increases calmness and eases anxiety.  It gives you the ability to see issues that might otherwise have been hard to see. Provides an introspective window into one's emotional issues and personal challenges. Hawk's eye is believed to be a stone of protection, often used by travellers.

A variety of Agate from the far north-east of China, specifically from Manchuria. Sky-blue in colour, it has slight white tones that evoke purity and proximity to the divine. It instils calm and peacefulness and engenders a peaceful temperament. The Tamashii® Blue Sky stone helps you maintain a profound sensitivity and integrity, while encouraging concentration on your goals.

A gemstone from Australia, also called the White Opal. The word “opal” shares common roots with the Sanskrit “ùpala”, which can be translated as “precious stone”, a meaning that highlights its importance and sacredness. There are many varieties, but this white version is traditionally said to bring peacefulness by dispelling the fear of darkness. The Tamashii® White Aobao makes you open-minded, alert and flexible, and helps you adapt to changing situations. It activates thinking, speaking and acting by promoting discussion and socialisation.

This unique variety of Jade has orange hues with yellow and white undertones and is extremely hard to find. It comes from China, where in ancient times it was regarded as the union between the living essences of heaven and earth, and was considered sacred. There is also an ancient proverb that went: “We can value gold, but jade is priceless”. Also known as the stone of purity, it has been claimed since antiquity to attract love and enhance the wearer’s charisma. This Tamashii®’s distinctive, sunny colour has a stimulating energy, which bestows a pleasant peacefulness.

The name Quartz comes from the Greek word “Krystallos Yalos”, meaning transparent crystal. It is found in nature in numerous colours and each one of them has a different name. Green Quartz is a low-cost stone which was well known and much used in the past. It instils mastery and encourages the wearer to overcome shyness, while also helping to dissipate anger and rage. The Tamashii® Green Quartz is perfect for curbing your impulsive side, should you have one, and helps to direct this great energy into something more useful.

This is a rather unusual variant of the classic Turquoise, which is more of a blue-green colour. For Tibetans, it represents the circle of life from birth to death. Both come from the same mines, but yellow turquoise used to be mined in smaller quantities than the classic turquoise, because it was considered a less prestigious grade. Yellow is also the symbol of Buddhist monks. The Tamashii® Yellow Turquoise calms the soul by transforming anger into wisdom. It provides balance, awareness and spiritual upliftment, as well as strengthening one's rootedness with the Earth.

A gemstone known since antiquity, it was already used in pre-Roman times for making amulets. In the Middle Ages, it was believed to be able to overcome fear. It is also well suited for meditative and spiritual experiences. The Tamashii® Serpentine encourages the wearer to seek solitude, in order to gain inner peace by boosting his or her self-esteem. It helps to reach amicable solutions in conflicts with others.

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It is a commonly worn gemstone throughout India. In ancient times, these brightly coloured stones were thought to embody the wise and deeply spiritual “souls of the ocean”. It remains a much appreciated gift today for anyone embarking on a new life path. The Tamashii® New Ocean Stone helps both to harmonise emotions such as joy and to find inner peace. It enables people to better overcome past traumas and helps them understand their true daily needs.

Mica Crystal, also known as Lepidolite, can be found in different colours from pale violet to colourless, and the crystal version is very rare. The Tamashii® Mica Crystal releases fears and calms anger, encourages objectivity and concentration, and fosters analysis and decision-making. It helps to focus on what is important by filtering out external distractions, relieving feelings of anxiety thanks to its harmonising characteristics of positivity and openness to others.

Also known as Variscite, it is named after Variscia, the historical name of the Vogtlandkreis rural district in Germany, where it was first discovered. Traces can also be found in Sardinia, where it is formed by phosphorus-rich rainwater that falls onto rocks containing plenty of aluminium and gradually infiltrates into the cracks. The Tamashii® Phosphorus Aluminum fosters sincerity by helping to communicate with others clearly, enhancing mental clarity. It counteracts mood swings by instilling calm and peacefulness.

The name of this stone derives from the Italian “à ventura”, i.e. "randomly". The most common version is green, but in nature there is also a much rarer orange shade. The orange Tamashii® Aventurine revitalises human relationships and is an antidote to shyness and anxiety. It fosters positive thinking, aligns the mind with the heart and bestows resourcefulness and optimism.

It is a commonly worn gemstone throughout India. In ancient times, these brightly coloured stones were thought to embody the wise, spiritual “souls of the ocean”. It remains a much appreciated gift today for anyone embarking on a new life path. For Buddhism, blue is the most important colour, as it represents ascension and wisdom, intellectual and spiritual life. The Tamashii® Blue Ocean Stone symbolises harmony, balance and calm, promoting a state of rest and relaxation.

This yellow-coloured natural stone from the quartz family, the same colour as that of Gautama Buddha, is a symbol of humility and separation from a society based on materialism. It is the colour of the earth, encourages the relinquishment of desire, humility, increases the sense of duty and leads to openness towards others by loving more. The Tamashii® Citrine symbolises respect for one's origins, rootedness and tranquillity. It can be used to express the attainment of maturity.

Ocean stone is common among the Indian peninsula areas. During the ancient times, people thought that those stones, highly colorful, embodied the ocean souls, wise and deeply spiritual. Today it is still a very appreciated gift for those who are going to undertake a new path in their life.

Moonstone is the gem related to intuition and understanding. It helps to balance our emotions putting emphasis on the freedom of expression and calming impetuous tendencies. Even though it is considered as a stone for women, moonstone is often used by men to open their emotional inner self.

The “Stone Collar” stone is a real rarity. Its special composition makes it hard to find. In ancient times, these stones were much sought after for their original beauty. They come in a shade of green that symbolises harmony, but also youthful vigour and action.

"Nepal stone" in a natural stone found normally in Tibet and Nepal and it is characterized by a wide range of colors. Even if it is not considered as a “precious” stone, Nepal stone stands probably among the most significant stones in the Tibetan culture, as it recalls Mother Earth rules, its simplicity and humbleness, fundamentals that are necessary to reach any material and spiritual rise.

Blue is the most important color in Buddhism, even more than gold. It represents ascension and wisdom, truth, devotion, faith, purity, chastity, peace, spiritual and intellectual life. Stripes make every stone unique but at the same time they are considered as a metaphor to underline the basic equality of all the living beings.

In the ancient Chinese dynasty of the Eastern Han, Jade (yu) was defined as “the most beautiful stone” in their first dictionary.The wearers of the green jade variant are considered able to attract money and wealth. It is important that this wealth is earned through in an ethical way. Jade inspires many virtues, such as benevolence, loyalty, education and sincerity.

Red in Buddhism is the color of rituals and strong actions, passion, power and sacrum. It needs of high selfcontrol because it could be dangerous. Red is the color that defines the border between evil and good and just the big wisemen and the big spiritual figures can wear it.Red Tamashii® gives power, vigour, vitality, passion and indicates a wise person.

Yellow is one of the 5 fundamental colors in Buddhism and it is represented by Ratnasambhava Buddha that helps to turn pride into wisdom of one’s self identity. Yellow is monks’ color and embodies the separation from the social superstructures. This Tamashii® promotes the acknowledgment of one’s own being and helps to find the meaning of life.

Angelite stone promotes the ability of express one’s own ideas at its best. If someone feels stressed or caged in fears, anxious and restless, this stone is excellent. It helps to improve sleep quality and can be also used to understand those messages in our dreams that can be relevant in everyday’s life.

Purple pearl is the stone celebrating par excellence the change related to feelings. In the past it was worn from the young brides to celebrate the change from the unmarried to the married state.

Pink pearl is present in nature in different variations. In the East the pink pearl is among the most worn for its meaning related to richness. Today richness culture, is often related to materialism, but in the ancient times it represented the spiritual wealth. It was worn or given to ascetics, masters and valorous people.