Tamashii Tibet

Bracelets 1 round

Original traditional Tibetan bracelet (Shamballa) made in Tibet with natural semi-precious and precious natural stones, blessed by Buddhist monks.

Each Tamashii® bracelet is characterized by the presence of a Calabash (pumpkin) and the engraved Tamashii® button.

The diameter of the stones that characterize this collection is 8mm or 6mm.

Bracelets 1 round


This is the closest tone to red fire color, synonym of bravery, vigour and energy. Just a high priest can wear this color because it need an elevate control otherwise it could become dangerous. This Tamashii helps to go beyond the difficult and insurmountable obstacles, giving force and courage.

Natural stone (Howlite) colored in turquoise blue utilized in the place of Turquoise stone.Blue for the buddhist represents the ascension and purity.

Mother of pearl is made by shells almost white and for this it coud be associated to purity and knowledge. The sea represents longevity, so this bracelet could mean foresight and clarity of mind also in senile age. Tamashii in mother of pearl protects from mental diseases and anxiety.  

Yellow is one of five fundamental colors in Buddhism, represented from Buddha Ratnasambhava such a promoter of changing, where pride turns to wisdom. Saffron yellow is the color of monks and means take distance to social superstructures and so the spiritual ascension. ​This Tamashii favours self awereness and helps to find the real meaning of the life.

Bronze agate is a stone with a warm color and used as alternative more precious than wooden Tamashii, humble and simple. As for all the natural colors, this bracelet represents the first step to the change, based on humility and sacrifice. This is the Tamashii that begins the change, favoring the separation between consumerism and external conditionings.

Ice color agate (Natural Agate Geode) is a stone with grey tones. In the tibetan culture grey means penitence, passage, meditation from evil to good stay. Very often this stone is used for new startings. Grey Tamashii gives support during the changing and renewing moments.

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Grey natural stone with black veining and warm nuances. It's used as shape more precious of Tamashii made by little stones and having the same importance, in relation with ground, humility and renounce to excess. Tamashii in grey cracked agate is for people that live a spiritual life and helps people want take distance to superficiality.

It's a colorless natural stone and for this used in substitution of white in its most spiritual sense, purity. This stone represents air and the mystic world (what is not visible). Tamashii in Rock Crystal preserves and promotes the purity status and a life of spiritual happiness. 

Sodalite is a natural stone, similar per meaning to the Blue Agata and for its blue nuances favoring calm, turning rage into wisdom thanks to the purification and ascension process. Tamashii in sodalite helps relaxing and move away aggression.

Mookaite is a natural stone (Australian jasper) with variegated colors ranging from white to yellow-orange and purple.It has no particular meanings in Buddhism but well known in the asian south east as ornament, thanks to its beauty and average diffusion as well as provenience from the close Australia. This Tamashii is mainly ornamental.

Stone with a color ranging from light green to dark green, enclosing all shades of green. Due to the meaning of green, it favors change, turning negative aspects such as jealousy and ambition into positive aspects such as the wisdom of realization.This Tamashii helps to follow ideal of success in a honest way.Traditional and original tibetan bracelet made with natural stones GREEN APPLE AGATE.  One size, unisex (the bracelet can fit any wrist size).  Each bracelet comes with its original packaging and the guarantee certificate.

Black natural stone of iron origin, it can be red if made in dust. This metamorphosis gives to this stone mysterious characteristics relationed to blood. In ancient traditions it was used to front fear and win dead. Tamashii in Hematite gives courage and protection during the phisical and mind battles.

Pink in the Buddhist world is the color of the lotus flower or rather illumination and spiritual regeneration. It has deep and powerful meanings, such as spiritual growth, resurrection, awareness of one's own nature and strength, and the ability not to become contaminated by the corruption of this world.

This agate represents the color of ocean water and the blue of sky, very important for the Tibetan culture and it means purity, wisdom and peace. This particular shade of blue gives to this Tamashii an even more divine and elevated aspect. This Tamashii identifies the sacred.

Smoky quartz is the color of the buddhist monks (bonzes) tunics, it represents the initiation, practice and the tacit observance of the rules. Wearing Tamashii in smoky quartz mean observance of rules and following humility ideals.

Carnelian is a stone in shades yellow and bright red, the same colors that depict the Gautama Buddha. In tibetan culture it is synonimum of conservation of dynamic force made of usefulness (concreteness) and warmth (sentimentalism), for many aspects it's very close to the occidental happyness. Tamashii in carnelian represents vitality and happyness.

Blue is the more important color in Buddhism, more than Gold. It represents the ascension, wisdom, true, devotion, faith, purity, castity, peace, the spiritual and intellectual way. Blue Tamashii is traditionally used to identify what is pure and rare. It calms rage turning it into wisdom.

Yellow-green natural stone tending to dark green and associated to the Buddha Amoghasiddhi that long for success, richness and power. Its multi-colored tones could represent ambition without competion and jealousy. This Tamashii turns the pride into wisdom of identity.

White natural stone that represents purity, white as color of rest and meditation: in buddhism its Buddha is called Vairochana. Tamashii in white agate turns the illusion of ignorance into wisdom of truth.

Agate is a natural stone with lots colorations. In this case, the green represents nature, the trees and plants. It identifies qualities as poise and harmony, youth energy and action. Tamashii in green agate turns jealousy into realization of yourself.

Purple natural stone, the amethyst is called also humility stone often utilized in the buddhist practices to help during changing and inner growing phases.The Tamashii in amethyst calms the pride changing it in reflection and introspection.

Natural stone colored in light blue tending to green, the turquoise combines the esoteric meaning of this two colors and it is utilized in the buddhist esotericism.Green for the buddhist represents the calm and blue represents the ascension and purity. The Tamashii in turquoise tranquilizes the spirit changing the rage in wisdom.

Stone of similar color to yellow, it is used right in place of this. The Buddhist associates the gold to the sun, the light and the life, but also to the awareness of own roots and provenance. The Tamashii in pyrite changes the pride in wisdom.

Onyx is used by Monks to spread courage and self-esteem. It is connected to instinct and intuition, helps self-fulfilment and stimulates the person to follow his goals without being influenced by external factors. Black for Buddhism also represents the primordial darkness of man, hatred and violence. Tamashii® Onyx strengthens self-awareness, analytical thinking and a sense of responsibility. It transforms negative forces into positive, evil into good and hatred into compassion.