Tamashii Tibet

Bracelets 1 round

Original traditional Tibetan bracelet (Shamballa) made in Tibet with natural semi-precious and precious natural stones, blessed by Buddhist monks.

Each Tamashii® bracelet is characterized by the presence of a Calabash (pumpkin) and the engraved Tamashii® button.

The diameter of the stones that characterize this collection is 8mm or 6mm.

Bracelets 1 round


Yellow-green natural stone tending to dark green and associated to the Buddha Amoghasiddhi that long for success, richness and power. Its multi-colored tones could represent ambition without competion and jealousy. This Tamashii turns the pride into wisdom of identity.

White natural stone that represents purity, white as color of rest and meditation: in buddhism its Buddha is called Vairochana. Tamashii in white agate turns the illusion of ignorance into wisdom of truth.

Agate is a natural stone with lots colorations. In this case, the green represents nature, the trees and plants. It identifies qualities as poise and harmony, youth energy and action. Tamashii in green agate turns jealousy into realization of yourself.

Purple natural stone, the amethyst is called also humility stone often utilized in the buddhist practices to help during changing and inner growing phases.The Tamashii in amethyst calms the pride changing it in reflection and introspection.

Natural stone colored in light blue tending to green, the turquoise combines the esoteric meaning of this two colors and it is utilized in the buddhist esotericism.Green for the buddhist represents the calm and blue represents the ascension and purity. The Tamashii in turquoise tranquilizes the spirit changing the rage in wisdom.

Stone of similar color to yellow, it is used right in place of this. The Buddhist associates the gold to the sun, the light and the life, but also to the awareness of own roots and provenance. The Tamashii in pyrite changes the pride in wisdom.

Black stone par excellence, the Onyx is utilized from combatants monks to instill courage and self-esteem.  Black color for the Buddhism represents also the humans primordial darkness, hate and violence. Tamashii® in black Onyx makes positive these forces, turning bad into well and hatred into compassion.

The fossil wood is an organic stone that because of its origins identifies the rooting with "the mother earth". For this reason he is given the power to reassure, calm and protect. It expresses also the origin of evolution and wisdom. It enforces relationships, first of all the familiar ones. It encourages to live a spiritual life rather than material.

The african turquoise is one of the most ancient stones, beautiful and rich in mystery. In the old Egypt it was considered able to protect and purify, so it was used also as container for food and drinks. The pharaohs cups was made in african turquoise that protected from deseases, infections and bad energies.

Bamboo leaf is another variant of fossil wood. This material, as well as having origins more "close" to the oriental world, is characterized by a intense color with a dominant shade of orange. The meaning is the same as the fossil wood.

Tiger's eye is among the most used and appreciated natural stones. According to the most ancient tradition, it is the stone of self-affirmation, that is, it has the power to relate to one's personal power, keeping us balanced and focused. Thanks to its greater centering, it helps to find self-confidence, firmness, decision-making power and combativeness.

Jasper is a semiprecious stone. The typical cream color and black spots (hence the name Dalmata) make it the symbol of redemption. It is used to help people overcome their feelings of guilt and gain greater self-confidence and esteem. It helps to achieve righteousness and honesty with positivity and to live with greater vital momentum.

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The cracked effect is a main and naturalcharacteristic of all agate stones that show uniform veining and stain. It remember the Craquetè effect. The meaning of the green agata is the same of the green stones.