Tamashii Tibet

Bracelets 1 round

Original traditional Tibetan bracelet (Shamballa) made in Tibet with natural semi-precious and precious natural stones, blessed by Buddhist monks.

Each Tamashii® bracelet is characterized by the presence of a Calabash (pumpkin) and the engraved Tamashii® button.

The diameter of the stones that characterize this collection is 8mm or 6mm.

Bracelets 1 round


Yellow-green natural stone tending to dark green and associated to the Buddha Amoghasiddhi that long for success, richness and power. Its multi-colored tones could represent ambition without competion and gelousy. This Tamashii® turns pride into wisdom of identity. The stripes confering unicity to each stone and they represent the basic equality between all the human beings.

The african turquoise is one of the most ancient stones, beautiful and rich in mystery. In the old Egypt it was considered able to protect and purify, so it was used also as container for food and drinks. The pharaohs cups was made in african turquoise that protected from deseases, infections and bad energies.

This is the closest tone to red fire color, synonym of bravery, vigour and energy. Just a high priest can wear this color because it need an elevate control otherwise it could become dangerous. This Tamashii® helps to go beyond the difficult and insurmountable obstacles, giving force and courage.

Pink in the Buddhist world is the color of the lotus flower or rather illumination and spiritual regeneration. It has deep and powerful meanings, such as spiritual growth, resurrection, awareness of one's own nature and strength, and the ability not to become contaminated by the corruption of this world.

This agate represents the color of ocean water and the blue of sky, very important for the Tibetan culture and it means purity, wisdom and peace. This particular shade of blue gives to this Tamashii® an even more divine and elevated aspect. This Tamashii® identifies the sacred.

Fossil Coral, also called Hexagonaria due to its natural hexagonal shape, is a stone of grey hues made up of Coral and agate. Centred around expressiveness and sociability, it relieves anxiety as well as mental stress and social tension. It promotes, team working, the ability to communicate and collaboration for group work too. Unlike Red Fossil Coral that’s found in Siberia, Fossil Coral has European origins and as a result has different tones.

Yamdrok Jade is also known in Tibet as Jade of the South - as in the south of Tibet. It is a specific green coloured stone found in the area around Lake Yamdrok at 4,441 m altitude, and according to Tibetan mythology, it is the incarnation of a Goddess. It lends the ability to contemplate judgements on others and to raise your own level of awareness. It favours honesty and justice, and for this reason it is always worn during negotiations.

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This variety of Turquoise comes from Madagascar, and is different from classic African Turquoise due to its inclusion of yellow/red jasper. For Tibetans, turquoise represents the circle of life, from birth to death. As such it links to this stone’s potential to change colour. It offers balance, encouragement and joy for life. According to Turkish legend, it was also able to warn the wearer of any approaching Danger. The bond between turquoise and love has always been very strong, so much so that in Russia and Germany wedding rings used to be set with this gemstone, because it was believed to have the power to make the marital union stronger.

Red Glue Flower Stone has a transparent rock crystal part that represents the mystical world and provides peace and harmony through the stimulation of clear thinking. It also preserves and promotes a state of purity and spiritual spiritual transparency. Whereas in the red parts of the stone, we find Jasper that strengthens faith in personal ideals by instiling strength, courage and determination. This stone is often used for making spheres that represent perfection and are used for meditation.

Mocha Stone has a white agate base and green veining. It promotes a sociable, pleasant disposition while ensuring that boundaries between the self and others always remain clear and well-defined. Free of psychological mechanisms, habits and ideas unconsciously become one’s own. It fosters the spirit of enquiry, encouraging the wearer to emerge from confusion by understanding the true meaning of other people's words. “Mocha stone” takes its name from the gates of Mocha on the Arabian Peninsula and their splendour due to its trade in coffee until the 19th century, just like the coffee that passed through this port on its journey from Africa, it also gave its name to the gemstones.

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Iolite, also known as Cordierite, takes its name from the Greek “ios” meaning “violet” and directly reflects the colour of this stone. This stone helps to resolve links with the past, by pushing the individual to achieve their own goals through the stimulation of their independence. It also encourages open-mindedness and brings clarity, dispelling fears. The Vikings used to make lenses from Iolite to track the exact position of the sun when navigating the Atlantic Ocean.

Astrophyllite, from the Greek Astron meaning star and Phyllon that signifies leaf, is a very rare black stone with brown highlights and limited supply. It allows the wearer to see themselves from the outside and assists in understanding what limits and should be removed from their own life by recognising what is really important in life. Stimulates inspiration and the ability to express oneself, increases Dreaming.

Red Fossil Coral, also known as Hexagonaria due to its natural Hexagon form, is a stone with red tones formed of coral with inclusions of jasper. Focussed on expressiveness and sociability, it relieves anxiety as well as mental stress and social anxiety. It also promotes the ability to communicate, team spirit and collaborative group work. Unlike Fossil Coral that has European origins, Red Fossil Coral comes from Siberia and for this reason has different colour tones.

This stone originates from the volcanoes of Madagascar and Alaska. It promotes self-awareness by encouraging intuition. Known as the “wise soul”, it can bring buried problems to the surface by confronting them with strength and love. Its energy resolves obscurity by promoting action with a higher and more enlightened purpose. This stone guides the wearer though change and spiritual development.

Known as the “stone of the storm”, Pietersite encapsulates beauty with the essence of lightning, through its shimmering glow of golden light that blends with the darkest blue. It represents the cleansing that follows a storm, where the power of the elements coexist in unity. Made up of various minerals including hawk’s eye, tiger’s eye and hematite, it helps to overcome too much dependence on others and to manage chaotic and stormy change.

This is believed to be the stone of loyalty and clarity, that promotes a clearer, more profound view of reality. This view goes beyond appearances by avoiding preconceptions and other ideas about a person. It helps in understanding what is best for the individual and which new route to take. It encourages spontaneity, by assisting with the connection to the inner creative source. Kyanite offers clear, stimulating energy.

Opals come in all sorts of variants and colours. According to Australian Aborigines, when God the Creator came to earth and his feet touched the ground, they made the stones shimmer with every colour of the rainbow, which created opals. With this union of all the elements, this stone is the symbol of intellect and memory. It rebalances the emotional state, stimulates creative thought and inspires confidence.

Aquamarine is a blue stone linked to the emotions and spirituality. It’s a calming, reassuring stone that stimulates creativity, self-expression and communication. The characteristics of this stone inspire the wearer to be of service to others and to assume a compassionate viewpoint. Aquamarine also helps to free oneself of old, negative feelings or feelings that confine the individual.

Tridacna is made from a shell that is of the purest white – and it’s very rare. Its surface shows characteristic markings. It alleviates anxiety and promotes calm. It helps to stabilise the wearers’ mood, and it lightens and balances the mind and emotions by freeing them of worry and anxiety.

One of the primary characteristics of this stone is its ability to improve communication. It shows the wearers how to communicate better with other people, without being afraid of expressing their personal opinions. It offers calmness and relaxation. Angelite works with the mind, helping it to express its ideas well through good use of words to convey emotions.

Jade is a stone linked to water, so it fits with emotions and femininity – love, reconciliation, intuition and compassion. Confucius (551-479 B.C.) claims that Jade has eleven virtues, among them - goodness, loyalty (it never irritates the skin), education and sincerity. Its properties are calming and reassuring. It helps the heart to find the compassion to make the right choices. It rebalances emotions and offers modest and clarity for ideas.

Rutilated quartz is a type of quartz characterised by ‘needles’ or flecks of rutile within its structure. It is also known as the “hair of Venus” for these features. This stone reminds the wearers of their own value and inner potential, helping them to strengthen their intention and motivation. Rutilated quartz is a helpful stone at times of change as it smooths bad tempers by offering solace from fear and anxiety.

This stone, known for its reflective, shimmering appearance, helps the wearer to recognise their own qualities, by considering their negative traits to aim to remove them and to work towards more positive behaviours. Rainbow stone is also used to reduce negative, hostile energy. This stone reduces nervous energy and helps the wearer to focus on positive aims.

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Hemimorphite is believed to be a protective stone. It helps to maintain deep sensitivity and honesty as well as promoting a peaceful disposition, inspiring calmness and serenity. It promotes focus on one’s own objectives.It encourages communication, listening through introspection and awareness of oneself.Its soft white shades evoke the fluidity of water and the energy held within it.