Tamashii Tibet

Prayer Wheel

This collection is called “Prayer Wheel” (Tibetan: འཁོར་), a tipical Tibetan object of worship. Traditionally, the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum in Sanskrit is imprinted on the outside of the wheel. According to the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, based on texts about prayer wheels, spinning this wheel has much the same meritorious effect as reciting a prayer.

The special feature of the bracelets in this collection are the wheels made of 925‰ silver (barrel or ball-shaped) engraved with the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum in Sancrit. These wheels, not being attached to the bracelet like the stones, reproduce the rotating movement of the Buddhist prayer wheels.

According to the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, based on the texts about prayer wheels, spinning this wheel has much the same meritorious effect as reciting a prayer.

Prayer Wheel


Tiger’s eye is among the most used and appreciated natural stones. According to the most ancient tradition it is the stone of self-affirmation, that is, it has the power to relate to one’s personal power, keeping us balanced and focused. Thanks to its great centering, it helps to find self-confidence, firmness, powerful ability to take decisions and combativeness.

Chinese ancients of the East Han dinasty, in their first dictionary, define Jade (yu) as "the nicest stone". It instills many virtues among which goodness, fidelity, education and sincerity. If worn in this variation it favours connection with the spiritual world and it alleviates pains of mind and spirit. (it never irritates skin)

This shade of red gives a profound positive energy and infuses protection and safety. Red passion agate connects with the fire element and also used to stimulate vitality that lies within each one of us. This Tamashi helps the wearer to seek inner knowledge with courage and passion.

Blue is the more important color in Buddhism, more than Gold. It represents the ascension, wisdom, true, devotion, faith, purity, castity, peace, the spiritual and intellectual way. Blue Tamashii is traditionally used to identify what is pure and rare. It calms rage turning it into wisdom.

White natural stone that represents purity, white as color of rest and meditation: in buddhism its Buddha is called Vairochana. Tamashii in white agate turns the illusion of ignorance into wisdom of truth.

Agate is a natural stone with lots colorations. In this case, the green represents nature, the trees and plants. It identifies qualities as poise and harmony, youth energy and action. Tamashii in green agate turns jealousy into realization of yourself.

Natural stone colored in light blue tending to green, the turquoise combines the esoteric meaning of this two colors and it is utilized in the buddhist esotericism.Green for the buddhist represents the calm and blue represents the ascension and purity. The Tamashii in turquoise tranquilizes the spirit changing the rage in wisdom.

Black stone par excellence, the Onyx is utilized from combatants monks to instill courage and self-esteem. Black color for the Buddhism represents also the humans primordial darkness, hate and violence. Tamashii in black Onyx makes positive these forces, turning bad into well and hatred into compassion.